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5th-8th Grade Confirmation

THE PURPOSE of our confirmation classes is to work with parents in the instruction of their children in the Christian faith. Together, by the blessing of the Holy Spirit, we hope to guide our Jr. youth into a daily and personal faith-walk with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who made them and has forgiven them through Jesus Christ's perfect life, death and rising from the dead.

IT IS OUR AIM  to help all students to trust in God as their greatest treasure and to rejoice over the worth God gives them in Jesus. Then, we want to encourage them to live as God's children in all they do, daily using God's Word for personal comfort, guidance and strength for life's many decisions.

DURING AND AFTER these classes, we pray all students will publicly confess their Christian faith into which they've been baptized, faithfully receive God's Word and Supper at weekly worship, join fellow Christians for Bible study and prayer, and be God's blessing by serving others with their words and actions.